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swet shop boys (Heems & Riz MC) // batalvi (prod. trooko)

 (Source: mahdic, via nehrujackets)

swet shop boys (Heems & Riz MC) // batalvi (prod. trooko)

(Source: mahdic, via nehrujackets)

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Killer review of THE HOLY GHOST PEOPLE over at The Rumpus! Check it out, and thanks to Julie Marie Wade for the kind words!

"Not since I read the title poem of Sharon Olds’ electric first collection, Satan Says, have I been so mesmerized by the power of a poet to inhabit and alter religious imagery to explore essential human truths—among them, the yearning for knowledge, the persistence of uncertainty, the limitations of language. If the artist is not a mere transcriber of life’s experiences, but one who translates experience into another form, a creation we would call art, then Young is an exemplary artist indeed."


Still reeling after one of the kindest and certainly one of the most widely read reviews of THE HOLY GHOST PEOPLE we’ve received yet. Thanks so much again to the Rumpus & to Julie Marie Wade, and check it out.


The Naked City


New Holler Boys album coming soon, people.

lookatallthisstuff asked: Hey John, will there be an audiobook for Wolf in White Van? More importantly, will you be reading it?


I put off answering this question until we were done tracking. I just finished doing the reading for the audiobook just now. Literally just now. I am typing from the couch behind the mixing board. Scott Solter recorded it and now we’re going to put some spectral ghostly instrumental music together to lightly thread through the reading here and there. 

It’s really interesting reading the whole book through, I haven’t listened back to it yet but I feel like it heads out into some pretty remote interior places, and I’m excited to record the music and see how it fits together!

Welp, this is amazing. New music + John Darnielle narrated audiobook. Swoon. 


"Family Reunion"
Ltd ed print, http://angeladeane.com/artwork/3571028_Family_Reunion.html


"Family Reunion"

Ltd ed print, http://angeladeane.com/artwork/3571028_Family_Reunion.html

Chapbook Prize update ›


On July 31 we received the last of the Toll Prize chapbook entries. There are some beauties in there! Now the committee has divvied up all the submissions and is reading them blindly. This Sunday, we are going to meet and discuss our selections, then choose a winner, the book that we feel best honors the memory of our great friend, our brilliant poet.

We’re also raising money to keep the series tenable, so now we’re offering ast year’s winning chapbook, What Hank Said on the Bus by Kyle Flak, available for just $5. I love Kyle’s book! It’s fun, funny, and supple. 

Here’s the book’s first poem. Fans of Spencer Madsen take note:


you held my hand all through the new kung fu movie

we were at the mall

and then we were buying popsicles

later we were naked

much later than that you were showing me the pinball machine you keep

in your garage

i felt like we were too old for everything

you kept pulling champagne out of surprising places

i said, “okay. i get it. you’re a fun person.”

but then stuff kept happening

stuff is still happening

Keep the prize alive and read the whole chapbook in your hands. Order a copy here.


Fidel, the famous golden labrador of Bruges.  

From the photo albums of every tourist who visits this Belgian city, to a cameo in the film In Bruges, Fidel has won the world’s hearts with his habit of watching the canal from a window at the Côté Canal bed and breakfast.  

I like this dog.

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Owen Pallett - He Poos Clouds

 Gotta find and kill my shadow self // Gotta dig up every secret seashell

Owen Pallett - He Poos Clouds

Gotta find and kill my shadow self // Gotta dig up every secret seashell





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